Stream stopping support from windows 7 8.1 et al

I recently learned that Stream will discontinue support for windows 7, 8.1 et al. Does this mean that CIU will also be discontinuing support for these op systems as well?
The only reason I upgraded to windows 7 was for security updates and 64bit, which my xp sp2 didnt support. I wont be touching windows 10 or higher. My next major op system will be some linux flavour, possibly with wine for the programs that wont function properly under linux.
As an aside, does CIU (pc version) run on stream?
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You can still play CIU on stand-alone version. Although you can’t purchase key or chl using steam wallet anymore because of that but atleast you can play CIU.


what’s stream

i only know steam


I wonder if Steam CMD would help. Or any legacy versions of steams dropping.

In a post before, IA stated that they always try to make CIU compatible with windows XP and higher. Without steam, you can always make purchases using PayPal

No, that doesn’t mean that. It means you won’t be able to play CIU from Steam (or anything else)

Great, It can be annoying at times to learn it, but overall it was easier that I thought.

CIU has stand-alone version and Steam version on PC. You can also use android emulator if you’re feeling adventurous.

Yeah that’s a good question. Though probably it would jest help with only playing the game and not any purchases or features. Also Steam just dropped new beta with new overlay so it really feels like they are working on new things:

Oh that was a very long before post. CIU now uses DirectX 11.1 so it’s not compatible with XP at all. Minimum is Windows 7 (or Vista with Service Packs, idk)

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Just need to remid you: PayPal currently not supported on most countries.


So, I run the standard version of CIU, ive been connecting to the servers, and making the odd purchase with PayPal.
So, will my version on my pc still function as it is, with me connecting to the servers, with windows 7?

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You said it yourself. You’re not running Steam version so it will continue to work. And we are a long long long time before IA drops win 7 support (if ever)

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