Strange callsign patterns

This is very strange… Is this intentional? At the very last of all time best.

and i suppose test_user with a CHL is most likely you.

Just someone with way too much free time on their hands. Just ignore them, they will be deleted during the next update.


Possibly advanced bot?

someone must have used them to artificially boost their league ranking about 3 days ago. i found 43 alts like this and they lost a total of 119.7 points, which would get you to 11th place on the leaderboards
i wonder who?


uh @Sammarald how will they get to 11th place when the lost these points not gained it

really suspicious probably orranus or pattary or a cheat?

When you choose CIU instead of YouTube for sub bots


use your brain here

are the alts losing points? or is it the main account losing points? and which account is it that’s trying to get #11?

The original creator who spammed these accounts is using them as an exploitation to boost his score in the league. Simply by making a match between the original creator and those accounts, making these accounts lose so he wins those points won from the match.

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“04j”, but they’re not ranked as high as your calculations would suggest. They gained 2 points from each of those fake dares, but then dared a real player and lost 20 points in a single match. It’s generally not possible to maintain a high ranking if you’re not legitimately worth it.


And that’s why rewarding dare points for those who got their dare rejected won’t be that exploitable.

then who

IA, do you have ALL of the user data?

I guess in order to prevent this from happening further, you must have at least a minimum of 30 minutes of playtime to change your call sign. And in-order to join the league, a minimum of tier 20

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Why not 7-day callsign changing cooldown?

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What if someone accidentally set to a callsign that not what they wanted?

the best this to join the league tier 20 first

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What’s your callsign?

I actually doesn’t understand what you’re referring to. Can you explain it a bit more details?