Sticky projectiles

When you play in Multiplayer, if you encountered Giant Robotic Space Crab and it’s family or Iron Chef, If the certain boss is trying to target the joined player and the player left the game already, the projectile will stick until the new one spawns.

I hope you remove it in the next update, thanks for viewing my post, I hope you give Bug exterminator Medal.
Thank you.


Did you have anything to prove?

This idea is like asking IA to (intentionally) add a weird bug to the game.

That’s actually not an idea submission, hint, hint.


yes, I have some screenshots about his bug

I am just asking if IA will remove it or not so I can get ( Bug Exterminator ) medal.

idk if i should laugh…

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Again, sorry for not understanding in the first place. As for the bug, I recall it was already reported sometime ago and IA said he couldn’t fix it.

… I thought this bug can be fixed, I can report more bugs but I don’t know how to find them to report them