Steam in Vietnam

Though i’m not using Steam, i have just heard something news from Vietnam Community, which i can see that this is very seriously for anyone who are using Steam for playing CIU in Vietnam.

According to anything i knew, Steam has been banned in Vietnam due to the VTC block Steam. And i know that CIU players from Vietnam is very crown. Hmm… what should i say continue. I’ll let everyone discuss about this. Can player continue to play CIU by Steam or something else?

One could use the standalone client, just log in and you should be fine.

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This is a major Reddit thread talking about how Steam is blocked in Vietnam.

I don’t know. Some players have already made deals for CIU. If Steam is banned, you know what will they lose, right? I just guess this.

Blame the taxes.
Some distributors considered that as illegal active because Steam doesn’t have a local office in our country, which cause loss on taxes.

somehow i was able to access steam with no problem

though it probably will be blocked for me in a few hours

I tried, on mobile platform with cellular data as well. And the web works, the app doesn’t nope, it worked again, odd.

:smiley: tab numbers?!

apparently i have my dns configuration set to and which some people claimed to work

chrome easter egg : D

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Yes, but inconvenience started when people wanna buy key packs or CHL.
Because standalone only supports payments using PayPal, which… Not many people used it.

Google knows how to make their surprise, huh.

Only appears if you have 100+ Chrome tabs open.

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Both of you are like little babies. Observe this.


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please do not spread misinfo about this

it was just isp issue, not a ban


As i said, everything here is anything i heard from other people, i’m just trying to ask, or making a topic for discussing about this, since this might effect to all sides.

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It’s not just the base game itself, They meant a steam games was blocked in Vietnam

now every isp block accessing steam in web (client still work somehow)

i can still access the store pages


From what I have heard, some of Vietnam’s ISPs is having trouble trying to connect through Steam, which affects some Vietnamese users and NOT Total Ban from Vietnamese regions. This will eventually be fixed but might take a while.

EDIT (CONFLICTIONS): Some sources say Steam is being reported by Vietnamese game publishers, reporting Steam for “evildoing”, causing the government to block Vietnam from accessing Steam


Steam banned heh that s nothing you cant even live when youtube ,instagram,whatsapp and new banned app discord well its only a steam but try using vpn it will work we even cant use free vpn

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yes, some users reported that the site works with and other vpns

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