Status Ailments + New Enemies & Bosses (Very Unfinished)

I guess you all know what these are. The main concepts is that when hit by projectiles, based on their element you will get a condition that will result in death or a negative effect if not countered in any way.
Since the enemies and bosses of this game are not callibrated for that, I will create new ones, giving a specific boss to every ailment. And maybe this won’t be as useless
Also, some of these require “buildup”; now buildup isn’t the concept of getting hit by multiple attacks to trigger the condition, but rather is the thing that triggers the condition in various ways.
Buildup will not be rappresented in game via a bar near the spaceship, only by visual rappresentation.


When hit by any fire-based attacks, the spacecraft will catch on fire. If buildup reaches 100%, the ship will explode. The higher the buildup, the more the flames and the intensity of them.
The initial build up when hit will be determined by the overheat bar (having 50% heat will mean 50% initial buildup)
If you get hit while on cooldown, the attack will be nullified.
When hit by another fire attack while also being ablaze, current buildup will double.
This condition gradually ticks down standing still, at a rate of 5% a second, meaning that it will eventually trigger the more you move. The faster you move, the more it builds up quickly.
In this regard, Bombers have an advantage: They require 200% buildup to trigger the condition, and it ticks down at double the speed.
Regarding enemies and bosses, these have an higher chance of appearing in Suns and hot planets.

It will share the appearance of a normal chicken, but its beak will be darker, it’s eyebrows red and it will have a burning flame in the center of its body. They will have the angry expression.
It attacks by shooting small fireballs from it’s mouth, 3 at a time with a 1 second delay from each other, aimed at you like eggs from UFOs.
Its attacks deal 60% buildup. It appears after 70% difficulty.

Charred Chickens and Burnt Chicks
Their feathers will be ruffled, burned and very darkened, as a resuls.
Eyebrows, crest and wattle won’t be present. Clothes on chicken will be burnt off and present many holes, on top of being darkened.
They attack like their normal counterparts, but their respective projectiles are on fire.
Chickens deal 40% buildup and chicks deal 30%. They start appearing after 55% difficulty.

Boss: Stakeburner
I envision a very scenic entrace for this boss. Firstly the screen will zoom out like with Superchick, then a short burst of sparks will bloom in the center of the screen, and after that a big flame will burn and from it the boss will emerge. The boss itself will be a big chicken, Superchick size.
It has 3 attack patterns.

1: Fire Spit
3 fireballs will be split from it’s beak, one directly below it, one to the left and the last to the right. They will deal 50% buildup if hit.

2: Fire colums
5 dark orange, dotted lines will appear and divide the screen in 7 equal parts, then after 1 second, a column of flames will stoke from them. They will deal 75% buildup.

3: Fire Storm
Before this attack starts, an little spark sound will play, then the attack will start. Its the same as the Magnetic Manipulator asteroid storm, but will will last longer, the fireballs will always come at a 45° angle. Each fireball deals 30% buildup.

I really don’t have any idea for its appearance, if some of you wants to help, I would appreciate it very much.

I will finish this in the coming week.


Cool ! It Has More Logic

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considered X.Borg chicken

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If you mean “consider a Cybor Chicken”, I won’t. I realized there’s not much you can do with this idea and it’s far too much effort than its worth.

Sorry for the late reply,what you said really has a point but it does have a connection with X.Borg though (you know the hero in Mobile Legends the kid with the flamethrower and armor). This idea is really new bro and there is no boss like this in the game, this is really out of the box.The idea that i would like to share with you is that you should add an energy shield after 75% of it’s health is gone and a rage mode like some kind of a phoenix like form(the phoenix is a fire bird) also a 4th skill that is called as The Last Cluckity. The boss will scream very loud and release a series of fire covering the screen the only thing that you can see is the chicken’s shadow there will also be an asteroid for you to hide. I almost forgot about the energy shield, the only way to take out that shield is to give some damage to the chicken’s wings(there should be a damage affect to the wings). Oh, and I hope this boss comes into the game as this boss will make the game more challenging and fun.Well that’s all for now brother.

Sorry. I tend to propose more original ideas overall. But you can fledge it out and propose it in a new topic.

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