Statistics For mission

When you won a mission you see there are medals and bonuses like weapon vitrousy, location flucation etc. But sometimes maybe you wanted to see mission details/stats. So basically this idea is about adding statics for particular mission. When you won a mission you will see a button “Statistics” which allows to you see your statistics. Statistics will tell following :

  • Highest multikill score.
  • Number of pecking orders.
  • Gifts collected.
  • Firepowers collected.
  • Kill ratio (in percentage).
  • Food collected (in percentage).
  • Shot accuracy (in percentage).
  • Coins collected.
  • Lives lost.
  • Impacted shots.
  • Number of Special weapons are used.
  • Weapon usage (in pie chart and it will also show percentage of usage outside of the chart).

There are maybe more stats but I tried to mention some of them.

Important Note:
During single player/multiplayer you have to fly at least 3 or 5 waves (IA’s choice) to record data otherwise you will see “–”

I hope you liked this idea. For any confusion, ask me.


Good idea, although, weapon usage, lives lost, and food collected already exist.


I know, but i am talking about per mission. all missions have different stats. You can also go to “recent missions” and view its outcome then you will also saw a button which will show you your statistics.

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Oh that makes more since, not a bad idea actually.

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The normal one is better

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