Starting new Squadron Team!

Hello guys. I will start a fresh Squadron team Team. If you active and will try to get the weekly Squadron Medal let me know what your in game Nickname is and i will add you asap.

Cya in game

Best Wishes Elfkiller


My name in game: BlueGamingVN

Will be on in about 1h and will send you invite. I event think that you in my Friend List already

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Me please! My callsign is PacManVietNam

I have 2 accounts: NguyenTheTuongLam and NguyenTheTuongLam4. Please send invite to NguyenTheTuongLam4.

my callsign is xXmlgDiegoXx

In game call sign: HaiAn2007

Send invites to all 4 of you guys. Lets get the medal ;D

Btw still have some space in the squadron :=)

Add me as ToxicGhost98

Bruh there are 5 players want to join but you invited 4
and a 6th player want to join

PacMan im not sure if thats so. I have atm 6 Players in the team and i still can invite more. Probably its the Upgrade what gives more spots. My squadron perk is max upgraded. If i cant inv more players it will give me a notification.

add me add me, my callsign: Duc_Nguyen

You didn’t invite me

Ofc i did. But will check fast again.

I deleted you and send a second inv check again pls.

I’m busy I’ll check this evening

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Have a slot for me?

Leadaf tzryed to inv yestarday but it say no Player. i try Leadaf/leadaf its not working

It has a space: L eadaf. You actually just invited me but it got withdrawn somehow?

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Now i find the Misstake when i see you in the rankings, your name is with Space ‘’ L eadaf’’ :smiley: invite incoming