Stage clear bonuses

At the end of a stage, you’ll get score-affecting bonuses if you’re qualified for it.

Here are some of my bonuses:

Food Fetcher: Collect all 100% foods in the stage (don’t let any food to decay). Must collect at least 100 foods to get this bonus. [+75,000 Points]

Money Keeper: Same as Food Fetcher but coins [+75,000 Points]

Speed Runner: Clear the stage <2 mins(Tourist, Rookie) [+40,000 Points], <4 mins(Seasoned, Veteran) [+60,000 Points], <6 mins(Virtuoso, SSH) [+80,000 Points]. This can only achieve if the mission is >50% and the player must use no special weapons.

Perfection: Achieve all clear bonuses you can get in that stage and clear without dying, using any spec/satellites. [+100,000 Points]

Suggest more if you want


Depends on what you mean by “stage”. Is a stage a mission? A wave? I don’t believe the “stage” term is used in the actual game, so some clarification is needed. :wink:

Stage: every time you beat the boss is the end of a stage. There’s the “Stage Clear!” when you beat the boss



You’re right, I am a blockhead. :joy:

In that case “Speed Runner” should be adjusted based on stage length (as that can vary).

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