[Squadrons idea] but I think you don't need to waste 3sec reading

The idea itself for archive because no one notices it

Sorting squadrons with A-Z, date joined, status: you own, you are in, pending

Squadron icons for squadron that someone added you (pending)to make it more easier to confirm join a squadron.

Do you really have to ping IA for that? Didn’t you suggest these from some days ago?

Look, it doesn’t matter. IA is not a robot he also has a life to live and cannot respond all the time WHENEVER you want. it’s one person working on the game, not a whole entire team. Keep that in mind


Just don’t do it again.


No it’s not that no one cares, this is about you respecting IA’s personal space a little bit. You do realize that he can’t work on the game all the time, right? He’s an adult with adult responsibilities.


What? How dares this man to have a personal life instead of being 24/7 developing the game that we will be able to play for free? In what world do we live?


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