Squadron Suggestions

Just a small set of suggestions for a squadron update.

  1. The ability to promote another player to give them the ability to assign missions (can be capped at 1 so there isn’t crazy overload on missions), giving more missions for the squad to clear, along with the leader being able to clear them. A role promotion could also allow that member to contribute towards upgrade costs of the squadron license.

  2. Give each squadron a prefix (WhaleFromMars [PFX]) that shows up in leader boards/other places names are brought up, if in multiple squadrons you can decide which to represent.

  3. Some kind of upgrade tree for squadrons. this could just be x bonus points/keys/food earnt during squadron assigned missions or a % decrease in prices in certain shops. the upgrades could be purchased using keys by the leader/promoted player, or possibly with the introduction of a new currency earnt by members during assigned mission completion.

  4. As mentioned in another idea post, allow us to sell squadron licenses lol. I too have an empty one that i don’t plan on using just sitting there taking up space because i’m smart and bought it by accident xD

Please leave a reply if anyone else has more ideas or changes to these :slight_smile:


1: Well, that sounds okay, but upgrading the squadron license should be your responsibility, not your member’s…

2: I don’t really think that’ll be necessary… Sorry.

3: Okay, that actually sounds really cool, not gonna lie. Still, maybe make part 1 suited for Squadron Perk Upgrades instead of do this instead of squadron license capacity?

4: I mean, why would you even buy if it you won’t use it? :stuck_out_tongue:
Okay, real talk. I know some people can buy it by accident, but the likelihood of that is pretty slim. Possible, but not too possible.

Here’s one idea: Squadron Leaders and Members will have different coloured names on the map. Leaders will be Blue, and Members will be Green. Not for much use, but it’ll just make you feel a tinge bit special. It might even give others an incentive to get squadrons, though they probably won’t use it to assign missions, but rather just for the blue name colour.


Thanks for the reply ^

  1. Actually I agree after looking at numbers lol, its only around 700 keys to fully upgrade the squadron so maybe it is unnecessary.

  2. While I don’t think its needed, squadrons feel quite boring right now and thought that’d be one way to give them some flavour, but guess comes down to personal opinion.

  3. Yeah that change would be cool, it’d give the squad goals to work towards without relying on the leader for all squad progress.

  4. I mean it seems like a really simple change, the numbers are already there it just seems to need activation, when you go to shop and click the squad licenses the sell price is already there and adjusted based on upgrades purchased, just locked out. while I don’t know how much would actually need to be changed by IA I can’t see it being an awful lot.

I like the idea, it just adds a small amount of “something” to squadrons, rather than just a means to play the same level as friends and a chance at bonus keys through a leader board.

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