Squadron job board

I cant assignment very much in your squadron. My parents don’t let me play much. :cry:… But I try to assignment 2 hard mission.

So sad to hear that you don’t play much. Hope you get ok though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Meh its ok. My assignments list is already cluttered by the other squadrons I’m in lol

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Oh! Bro, I replied @RainbowDash

Don’t worry bro, I have school so I couldn’t do much.

Do you go to school?

every. single. day

@tamim121 what is it?

this getting off topic , move to the chatting place

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Today, I assignment 2 retro mission for you


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Ok so I wanted to recruit more members because I have, like, 3 members in my squad


New Squadron

The Squadron’s Name: A Certain Scientific Acclerator

Assigning 10-15 Assignments

Mission Difficulty: Below 90% And 100%

And Lastly,Only SSH

Who Wants To Join?

(Had To Remake It)
(No Players?)

@Arnav_Patel you can readd me.

If anyone else is looking for squad members to do assignments, feel free to invite me.

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I send you an invite a day ago, why you didn’t accept it?

Wait you callsign name is “hale” right?