Squadron Improvement (i Guess)

So there are a lot of squadrons in CIU and there will be some people who want to join the squadron as well, so instead of asking the forum, why don’t let them request a join, then after the squadron is full, they can no longer request.

And add some squadron description. tell the recruits what they are about and what are the rules and what they will be assigned. and if possible ability to create squadron badges which all will be premade by IA.
so what do you guys think

  • Squadron is fine the way it is now
  • They need some little enchacements
  • They need a big change

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Squadron these days doesn’t reward player that much so all I want is a little bit more reward to encourage players doing the assignments

There is a squadron event idea in the Ideas section (i think its called Titan henvation) if that gets into the game then the squadrons have much more activity to do (just checked: it gives rewards also)

its this one
Squadron Event: Titan Henvasion - Ideas - Chicken Invaders Universe

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