Squadron Ideas

Proceeds to play ship explosion sound to scare people

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It needs more explode

Proceeds to play TF2’s payload explosion noise

Preferably this one.




Or this.

Oh, there we go.

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I upload them somewhere else, then post the link.


It works perfectly


Next thing you know, someone’s gonna swear on the mic. Or at least be the Angry German Kid.

Speaking of which, if you could edit the game sound effects, that might be pretty fun.

What about this.

THere would come a time when suffient people are playing Chicken Invader Universe, InterAction would initiate a sort of chatting system.Along with this maybe, just MAYBE, they would initiate Squadrons.

Let us think about it like a social update for Chicken Invaders Universe.

Why not add a gifting system
Buy at 3% discount items to gift to a friend
I see this feature as an incentive to let some people try the game
Obliviosly to avoid scams the spaceships and the skills are not giftable and you will need to have friendship to them (write the player tag somewhere and accept that)


Most of the peoples are so dumb and have prejudice. Just dont care them. Liking something cause other peoples like it makes you a normie.

Play with random user or with a friend
2 . 3 . 4 players
and custom game squad or duo or tripartite leader choose a theme or choose one to change theme from his themes
leader can choose music or choose one to choose a music from his musics
only leader can choose misson mode
example:space misson…normal misson…daily misson
and i hope in updates makes top 10 for duo
top 10 tripartite
top 10 squad
example 10 single
i hope like this reply

Damn you bump old topic

But he dropped his own idea. It wasn’t a pointless bump.

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Yes, telling our minds isn’t crime. Does it? :wink:

mlg difficulty when