Squadron Event: Titan Henvasion

Hi, It has been a while since the last time I posted an Idea on here, so, I’m really excited to show you guys what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.


Titan Henvasion is a weekly event that Squadrons can compete in, for exclusive rewards (only top 1.)
You can find the event in your mailbox, or in your profile screen.
At the beginning of the week, you and your Squadron will be put in a random pool along with 5 other Squadrons. (:warning: Owning or being inside more than one Squadron will result in only a random one being chosen to compete with the rest.) Competition begins right away with the Qualification phase, which lasts around 4 days, followed up by the Titan itself, which is the real fight. Let’s break everything down one-by-one.


From days 1-4, every single day, you and your Squadron members will each have to complete a Chicken Invasion-style mission. They aren’t that long, typically around 15-20 waves. These will take place inside
a planet. (Which means Planetary missions.) Score doesn’t matter, just finish the mission to advance. The Titan boss fight is also a Planetary mission.
What you and your Squadron are competing for is fame crystals :crystal_ball:, these will add up to your Squadron’s ranking and make the difference between which rewards your Squadron will get. Everybody gets the same rewards that are shown inside of the ‘‘Rewards’’ button Inside the Titan Henvasion menu. Top 1 will always have an exclusive reward that can’t be obtained anywhere else, however, after the reward has been claimed, a different exclusive reward will be in place of the old one.
Rewards get better the further your Squadron gets in the Rankings. Everyone will have different group pools, after the week is over, you will get matched with different Squadrons. The Titan boss will also be different each week, and they’ll shuffle through each one of them.

There are different amounts of fame crystals that you’ll get depending on your mission outcome,
for example,

+100 fame crystals for losing

+250 fame crystals for winning.


Multiplayer can also be played in this event, actually, it gives it the ‘‘team up’’ aspect that the event is aiming for. Although there are rules of course. absolutely NO equipment is allowed in the Titan boss fight. This goes for Single Player and multi. Everyone will have 1 Life, Weapons will be Locked to power level 8, (Even if you didn’t upgrade it) and there are no drops for gifts or atoms of any sorts. Chicken Invasion missions behave normally. Equipment can be brought along in both modes. Dying in Multiplayer doesn’t end the mission, as you can’t game over at all there. Although the player that died will only get 100 fame crystals, which means that it might be risky hoarding the whole screen with players and projectiles, as failing will have a big impact on your Squadron’s ranking. For this reason only, Multiplayer can’t be played with more than 4 players in this event.

Chicken Invasion missions are only playable ONCE per day,
while Titan boss fights can be flown TWICE per day.
Attacks will reset each day, 'til the event is finished.

Both attacks lost = 200 fame crystals
Both attacks won = 500 fame crystals
One attack won, One attack lost = 350 fame crystals

The boss fight will also get harder by 5% difficulty every time it is defeated. Starting difficulty is 100%-100%.



One of the Titans available to fight, that is themed with the Gamma Chton planetary mission from CI5, is The conniver of Darkness, It’s appearance is a normal big chicken, that took control over the Heart of Darkness, hereby using its power to destroy you. Eventually, it will discard the Heart of Darkness, in a sudden, yet monstrous way if you get it angry enough. The boss fight contains two anomaly zones as well to switch gravity.

The fight starts off simple, one thing you’d want to do right away is to destroy the crystals on the bottom, as they restrict your movement.

The conniver of Darkness will emerge from the top slowly, giving you enough time to destroy the crystals on the bottom.

The conniver of Darkness will give you a warning before slamming into the ground, erasing any crystals that were on the ground already, and creating a bunch of new, colored ones. trapping you into a corner for around 10 seconds, during which he’ll shoot slated neutrons your way.
afterwards the crystals will disappear.


Once the boss reaches 50% of its health, it will become angry. The Heart of Darkness will start to emit a brighter red glow and the chicken controlling it will slam it into a random crystal causing the heart to explode. Phase 2 begins after that.

He now no longer needs the Heart of Darkness, and will fight you on his own. Crystals that you haven’t destroyed will be grabbed and then forcefully pulled out of the ground instantly. They will reform again after 10 seconds.

The crystals pulled out of the ground will be used as ammunition, that’ll undoubtedly be fired at you, causing a small explosion on impact.
This attack and the one before it will repeat 'till you kill the boss. Defeating it will drop coins, 10-20 food items.


As previously mentioned, top 1 will have an exclusive reward, every boss will have their own different exclusive rewards, These are items that cannot be obtained anywhere else, neither in the galactic shop, or at a regional store, neither shady dealers. I’ve currently only come up with one, and its exclusively for The conniver of Darkness. So, if you don’t get it the first time, you can try again the next time the boss returns.


Yea, I had to whip out the big guns here. This is the thing that took me a lot of time.
The 1st place reward, excluding the other ones presented, is a new satellite. I actually had 2 concepts for this satellite. The first one was that it would fire both gloves at once, and the other was that it would fire each glove individually. By clicking that is, you would alternate between the gloves. But probably 1st would be easier to Implement?

DPS: 5,000 (Nice even number :smirk:)
Uses: 10x
Target: Single Target

How does it work?

Well, It’s nothing too crazy. The satellite is a single target one, making it ideal for boss fights.
Although, the catch is, that once the fist hits its target, it will emit a radius about as big as Plasma Rifle’s AoE effect, that will greatly pushback enemies, while slightly damaging them. Bosses are immune to pushbacks caused by the satellite.

PHEW, well, that about wraps it up. Tell me what you think, kek

  • The game definitely needs this!
  • The game is alright without this.
  • It’s eh

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Hmmmm, an interesting event, i like it. But the new sattelite look a bit… lmao

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it was amazing

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Holy Slobby Jesus! This is a TITANIC idea. So here are my thoughts:

This is gonna have pretty big implications on how recruits choose which squadron to join and for squadron leaders to choose which members can stay in their squadron.
I’m concerned that it could lead to squadrons made for a casual group of players less common, although iA might find a way to circumvent this potential problem.

This is gonna be really tricky to balance since lag spikes and such can really screw over a squadron, but tbf there isn’t much iA can do against common internet problems.
If someone has a better solution tho, please let me know in a reply.

I really cannot correctly anticipate whether the Titan Henvasion will change how squadrons are formed and work for the better or for the worse. This is likely gonna be somewhat controversial once people get really invested into getting the exclusive rewards.

The heart looks a bit too transparent, making it look like jello instead of a creepy looking heart of darkness. Some nodes and wires connecting the heart and the chicken would make the fusion seem more genuine.

That’s a dramatic visual, although it might have to be toned down in actual gameplay. Also neutrons are kinda bland as an attack, making it fire a small diamond that is much tougher than a regular crystal but still destroyable seems like a more fitting attack for this phase.

Some basic animation could help make this transition easier to understand.

Oh yeah, this might be my favorite thing out of the Conniver of Darkness. Instead of crystals which could be ignored simply by dodging, You have to destroy them in order to reduce how many crystals are fired at you and your teammates.

These explosions would have to be really small or they could be too challenging in a multiplayer scenario. They might be fine in a solo scenario though.

The aesthetic theme is kinda goofy but in a good way.
I do wonder how fast the Gallus O Pounder fires, that could determine how different it is from iCBM’s and Bird-flu’s.

Overall, an epic idea with spectacular presentation and with a reward scheme that goes beyond just giving the player perishables, consumables, superweapons, etc. My main concern is how it’ll affect the formation and operation of squadrons. It might diminish the aspect of making squadrons for the sake of being friends. I have some gripes with some aspects of the Titan Henvasion, but I really do think this is great, and I can’t wait to see more rewards and Titan boss fights being added to the Henvasion’s Roster.



Maybe also some lives as reward?

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Unique idea, using game features not really used (squadrons) and unique satellite. Getting a boss into the game, but different.

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