(SPOILERS) Tips on Space Crab v2.0? (and Weekly Challenge review)

Where is the safest spot to avoid the attacks of the Space Crab v2.0?

This Weekly Challenge is very hard with a lot of epic waves, including the Yolk-Star™ on wave 80 and Space Crab v2.0 on wave 100 (Superstar Hero), which killed me (when I reached wave 100, I only had one life left).

  • Wave 49: Chicken Fractals (larger version with 100% Chicken UFOs)
  • Wave 69: Pulsating Grid (this one takes away one or two of my lives)
  • Wave 80: The Yolk-Star™ (upside down version)
  • Wave 82: Centipede (with Eggships, not very hard but still impossible to shoot them all)
  • Wave 83: Asteroids (very tough to pass without losing a life or special weapons)
  • Wave 96: Roundabout Approach (I didn’t lose a life, but it was a close call)
  • Wave 98: The Replacements (100% Chicken UFOs, then normal suit chickens, then 100% Chick UFOs, I didn’t lose a life but it was still quite tough to dodge all those eggs)
  • Wave 99: Chick Loop (with a few Chickenauts leading 100% Chicken UFOs, you have to dodge eggs again)
  • Wave 100: By the time I reached Space Crab v2.0, I only had one life left and I failed to dodge the suns at the very fast rate (max difficulty: 100% + 40% in SSH)

I usually start a mission as cheap as possible (in Weekly Challenges, I start with 4 Extra Lifes and 6 Dimensional Phase-outs), so how can I beat Space Crab v2.0 in max difficulty after all those waves?

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Go to the right side and slowly move to the left side

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Maybe its can help you

Slowly go upward near the crab while it fires the first three suns, then quickly go down on the last one. It’s quite easy once you figured it out.

This weekly challenge cost me 5 lives and many amplifiers… as usual.

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