Spinning and rotating item, pickup

i think the game will look better if the item like food, coins, key, gift,… will rotate and spinning like a fully 3d object in 3d game

they’re just sprites :v

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And it’s a (largely) 2d game.


Already suggested.
(I was first to suggest it btw)

You are clearly not a Spanish Geometry Dash YouTube Clickbaiter, don’t say “:v” to anyone ever

obligatory /s

Basically this. It’ll be hard to animate and IA said he wanted the game to take as little space as possible. Also don’t coins, keys and gifts already spin like that?

They do. I’m pretty sure food items are the only pickups that aren’t actually animated.


It would be difficult to create the sprites and animating, coding. But good idea actually

(hmm yes you are liking 2 topics suggesting the same idea)

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