Just an idea, To let us choose if we want to allow spectators and how many spectators. I think this will be nice feature when we want to play single player speedruns etc, People can join and watch or people without CHL can come and watch Double Team missions etc.

Spectators will have their own chat, From main settings we can choose if want to to see spectator chat or not, Maybe add 2 chat channels which you can switch to chat with \ or some other default key, Main chat and Spectator chat. In this way Spectator cannot see Multiplayer players chat but the host can come in Spectator chat to chat with them.

Thank you for your time C:

Or you can join a multiplayer mission, lose lives until you have zero, and spectate the others without respawning your spacecraft.

Dead or alive, everyone can chat in the same group. And I don’t see the point of having separate chat groups like that.

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well you might affect others performance and damages a bit.

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Well, it’s up to them to decide, I won’t force anyone lol.

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