if we add a button with the word “spectator” when, for example, we want to enter multiplayer and we don’t want to play the game, so we can see what happens without intervening but observing how the other plays etc etc


Well, if you don’t bring anything with you and die, you are basically a spectator unless you click the mouse button.

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sadly you make everyone weaker by doing this since a dead player who isnt playing still lowers the damage multiplier


you have a good point with that, but you end up with a failed mission and that lowers the win rate in the stats

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nah, partial missions like multiplayer do not affect victory ratio.

It is true that it does not affect him, but to simulate the spectator mode yes or if you need to lose all your life to see how the person you joined plays without your ship staying in the middle of the game

ok rightly small details not noticed, however if you go into the game and die you become a spectator and it happens that it increases the difficulty and gives problems to the player, but instead of playing and dying as a spectator, we could put a button that says “spectator” and of course the other button where it says “enter”.

if it was a good idea, do we put it or not put it a “spectator”?

then the thing that annoys me if one dies and becomes a “spectator” and causes problems in the game, what’s the point? That’s why I want there to be no issues in the game that affect difficulty, percentages etc etc :slight_smile:


we put it there

You’re just gonna increase the lag for the players and ruin their experience.
If you wanna spectate just suicide with one life and observe, even though you’ll affect the strength and lag of the players.

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