Special weapon: refrigerator

Based on the feedback from the last idea I had (which were… Critical) I came up with something more in the line with designs of other special weapons
The refrigerator would, once activated, have an aoe effect of similar size of Toxic Chiken’s gas cloud, standing in that aoe would give you decrease 33% of heat in normal environments, and 16-18% in hot environments, and it would have a ~10% chance to increase your fire rate, the aoe would last twice as long than the toxic chicken gas cloud, but in hot environments it would last only 15% longer than the toxic cloud
This special weapon combined with other weapons like damage amplifier can significantly increase effective and consistent damage across the mission

Now the reason why it’s called the refrigerator, it because it is literally a fridge which in lore would use the same liquid as the coolant canisters but cranked up to 11

Let me know your opinions and thoughts on this concept.


This idea gives me chills.
It sounds cool, but it’s too cold.
I freeze by reading this.
Anyways, it was nice reading your idea, pal!


I think the idea could have potential. Something the op said elsewhere but not here is that this would affect other players too, so I’m a huge fan of that. Support’s always nice. I was thinking that maybe it could also halve cooldown rate so this isn’t rendered totally useless if you end up overheating anyways. If you think it would make the special weapon too powerful, keep in mind you have to actually stay in the same area, a difficult thing to do in certain waves, so I think it’s fair.
Oh yeah, and longer duration on cold planets since heat affects it negatively. Maybe x3 compared to toxic clouds rather than x2 is what I’m thinking.


That’s really great, also the model would be literally a 60’s fridge but with a transparent look ght blue aoe gas around it, it would oddly fit since satellite containers are basically safes


It’s entirely support based, and it even affects players other than yourself

something all special weapons don’t do (They either just destroy everything or only work on you)

so, +1 from me for actually making it affect other players too, rather than just you


is really good idea.

hope IA add this. but no): IA not added):


Also what reminds me now that I think about it, it’s like Well of Light from Destiny 2

Great idea, but, as what i see from iA, it’s less likely for a medium-large idea to be added into the game, most ideas added was small ideas. Let’s hope that this idea is an exception. :smiley:


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