Special weapon: Projectile Barrier

“Temporarily dominate a location on the battlefield with this “futuristic” device. Destroy all incoming deadly bullets and that’s in the vicinity of the barrier fired by the Henpire, avoiding unpleasant Henmaku.”

man I’ve kept this in the idea storage for months!

Projectile Barrier is a special weapon that destroys bullets in a location. It is a temporary, fixed location, non-lethal weapon.

How it works: when activate, it’ll create a circle expand up to 2/3 of the screen (100% zoom). All enemy projectiles that’s in the vicinity of the circle will be deleted upon activation. Enemy projectiles entering the circle will be deleted. All enemies found themselves inside the circle will be permanently unable to attack (player colliding with the enemy still kill both however). This circle lasts for 11 seconds.

Note: the circle is stationary, laser projectiles won’t delete but not harm the player. The circle during boss waves are only take 1/3 of the screen (100%)


Recruit activated a projectile barrier and moved away. It’s ineffective.


Reduce the weebshit in your ideas, please. There’s something called consistent theming.

I need a better name yes

why are you angry at weebs though

Weebshit =/= Weebs

half the community being weebs, my house would get raided if i diss them

How about Defense/protection field? Like the idea btw

Thanks. That is better. Tried my best doing this suggestion ending up receiving mental-harming speech from others instead of constructed criticisms


Eh, I don’t see the harm in a few puns here and there. Take for example the ‘‘Is this a JoJo reference?’’
Thingamajig, This game uses the humor aspect to its advantage, Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog: barely no one gives a damn and the frog goes to jesus, everyone has preferences at the end of the day tho :thinking: lesson of the day is: Something triggers you, ignore it. Don’t make others feel bad.


This is the internet lmao, it happens, don’t take it to heart, that’s all I can really say

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Not a bad idea, but if this weapon were to available, i would just buy Dimensional Phase-out :arrow_left: better overall

Added the illustration thingy

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With Phase-out’s duration being reduced, this could be a great alternative, although 11 seconds is still too long.

you’re right. I put 11 seconds because you can still die by crashing to the enemy

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