Special weapon: one shot

Hated when big beings are too hard for you? Use the one shot, the easiest way to destroy your prey

One shot

When you use it, you’ll start make a loading sound of the corn shotgun (yes it has a sound). Right after the sound ends, you’ll shoot one bullet that doesn’t penetrate anything but it’s damage are extremely devastating (500000 damage)


  • One shot almost everything
  • [add for me]


  • Very limited ammo
  • Can only deal damage to only one unit
  • [add for me]

Image for example:


this would replace the mass condenser on space races :v


It blasts your spaceship too “Maito Guy!”

It’s basically a cheatcode.


Just forgot that this can only equipped one per mission and one “one shot” costs about 299 keys

I don’t really see any point in adding a superweapon that that doesn’t follow the same rules as other superweapons.

So basically a (albeit one per mission) pay to win item. This thing will be neccesary on space races. Why bother? It doesn’t have interesting mechanics, it’s just a skip button.


Hmm, guess I’ll have to strike a Nerf on this thing

You can’t use this on special missions

Boss rushes only do 125000 damage

Cons: Oof load speed 10 sec, slow you down

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