Special forces Bug

this boss have a bug
There is a problem when it throws those knives
The knives appear for a moment In the back Then thrown.
fixed it.

Sorry, I don’t get it. Could you poſt a ſcreenſhot?

I can’t take screen shot because i have a problem.
the screen when i play chicken invaders universe i cant take screen shot or record
the screen is white

Turn on windowed mode.

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This bug still exists!
Please fix this bug

This bug is not good this is a defect in the game

if you don’t show the screenshot, iA likely won’t know what the bug is

i can’t take screen shot! I don’t know why I have such a problem.

we don’t understand what the bug is if you can’t take screenshot. If you don’t, there’s nothing that iA can do about it

Launch the game through Steam (assuming you have Steam) and take the screenshot using the overlay.

Windowed mode would probably work too.

Alt + PrtScr works pretty well

If you press F9 game will make .bmp screenshot into your save folder. To post it here it’s enough to change “bmp” to “png”.

Thus is not a bug. What he says is that the knife appears behind the boss before it’s thrown. But it’s obvious; the knife has to firstly appear in order to be thrown. But the boss was moving while he was throwing knife, and he probably saw the knife as the boss moved. So, once again, this is not a bug.

I think more important thing is knife hitbox. It’s sad I can’t fly between them now.

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The M408 is currently the only spacecraft that can’t fit between the knives.

If you use the M408 and want to fit, then make sure you also equip an “Eggular Repulsor”

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Does this mean that each spacecraft type in a family has a different hitbox?

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Which is the one with the smalleſt hitbox?

I don’t think all the inner workings of the game need be written. :wink:

But, as a general rule of thumb, the more space (mission slots/satellites/hardpoints) a spacecraft has, the bigger the hitbox.


I do. I would love CI series developer documentary. About everything.

They are saying in the game.
Though I dont think they could make one with their busy schedule.