Special Equipment

After playing for a while, I noticed that this game is kind of limited in the way of player customization. Sure, you can customize your appareance, but what about your abilities? I personally feel like the equipment in this game could use some more, so I’m here to suggest new equipment with special abilities. Specifically, I thought about new Thrusters, Heat Sinks, Reactors, Boosters, and some changes to weapons.

Flame Burst Thruster → Emits a flame which slowly damages enemies behind the spaceship.
Average maneuverability, low fuel efficiency. Its rarity increases damage done.

Wormhole Thruster → Eliminates projectiles coming from behind. Only works every few seconds. High maneuverability, very low fuel efficiency. Rarity decreases cooldown time.

Vacuum Thruster → Attracts all collectibles to the ship, but also skews enemy projectiles towards it. It’s vacuum area is smaller than appetite attractor. Low maneuverability, high fuel efficiency. Rarity decreases attraction of projectiles.

Lightbulb Thruster → Ability: Press N to stun all enemies in a short radius, immobilizing them.
No maneuverability, average fuel efficiency. Rarity decreases cooldown time and increases radius.

Repulsing Heat Sink → The higher the heat bar, the smaller the spaceship hitbox.
Average thermal capacity. Rarity decreases heat needed to reduce hitbox.

Power Conductive Heat Sink → The lower the heat bar, the higher the firepower drop rate.
Low thermal capacity. Rarity increses drop rate further.

Big Blast Heat Sink → If the ship overheats, releases a blast which deals very high damage to enemies around it.
Low thermal capacity. Rarity increases blast radius.

Flame Synergy Heat Sink → Produce more heat for each shot, but increases maneuverability while shooting.
Average thermal capacity. Rarity increasea maneuverability.

Atomic Chamber Reactor → Accumulates charge over time. Press B to gain 1 firepower when max charged.
Average power production. Rarity decreases charge time.

Shining Reactor → Increases key drop rate.
Low Power production. Rarity increases drop rate.

Oven Reactor → Gain 1 food every 20 seconds.
Average power produced. Rarity decreases cooking time.

Peripheral Boost Reactor → Increases power of satellites.
High power production. Rarity increases power.

The only change I would like for weapons to have is for them to also have rarity.
Rarer weapons could be customizable, having the player modify their stat via a token system.
For example, a weapon can have 3 tokens. The player can spend those to increase power, firing rate, etc.
Tokens would cause the weapon power consumption to go up. When upgraded, a weapon will have access to more tokens, up to a maximum of 5.
Tokens can be swapped, added, removed whenever the player wants, also they are not a separate item: rare weapon come already with them.

Thermal Scope → Double tap to make projectiles automatically seek out enemies for a short time.

Size Amplifier → Double tap to make projectiles larger for a short time.

Active Coolant → Double tap to reduce heat accumulated by 15%. Has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

To conclude, I don’t expect iA to take this into consideration, simply because their vision of CIU is probably something else, but I just wanted to try my shot.


Wow, the flame burst thruster must make comet chase so easy I guess


the only viable thing are the boosters. Size amplifier would be kinda great. The rest are exploitable.

Well uh… all of those abilities is completely overpowered and gonna be very exploitable. Making this game no challenge.

First of all welcome in the forum!

Some of these ideas are “too much” but I see others in-game.
This is what I think:


As already said by QuackQuack, it trivialize comet chase and meteor storms.

Nice idea.

This is really interesting.

Currently thrusters lowers the fuel costs to travel and the manuverability stat reduces the penality of massive environments. They already have a prupose and I don’t think they need passive abilities as their current design works.

Heat sinks

Doesn’t make sense. I like the idea behind this mechanic but maybe as a spacecraft family ability.

Kinda overpowered if you use accumulator, usless if you use overdrive.

Nice idea.

It would only be usable for bombers and in massive environments but since everyone uses manouvering jets it’s not useful.

Currently heat sinks change how long you can shoot with the weapon. I think that having passive abilities would encourage to actually buy the others.


Not very useful on long missions but may be strong for short missions. The biggest problem I have with this is the fact that it asks you to bind an extra key for it and the game already uses all mouse buttons (unless you have a gaming mouse).
The game is supposed to be played mainly on mobile and on pc with a mouse.
So I think that it may not fit the current design of the controls.

Anyway it may just give you the extra firepower once the bar is filled to solve that issue. But then the biggest problem of all: how do you balance this thing?

More keys are good. I want this. H&C have the exact same prupose.

Doesn’t make sense and, since food is keys in this game, it will break the game’s economy.

Actually good idea. I don’t want to search if someone already suggested a similar thing before.
It’s a cool comcept.
Problem is that some satellites are already overpowered (barbequer) and this may make the meta more reliant on buffing the overpowered stuff.

Reactors are currently useless. Period.
Since every other equipment already has a prupose I think that any passive you suggested in this post may be good for them.


Already suggested… a lot.
The answer we got every time? No

Weapon balance was one of the biggest reasons the game spent so much time in early access.
It’s not perfect but it finally is playable.
Better not mess with that.

Please, no pointless extra currency.


Interesting but there are so many weapons that may not work with this: All beams, Absolver, Laser cannon, Riddler.
This is also Photon swarm’s main gimmick! This would devalue it.

Would require IA to render bigger sprites for every single bullet in the game for something that may be useless.
I will explain why later.

Will explain why it may be useless later.

The current enemy and wave designs take into account the use of boosters as a way to increase the player’s offensive output.
The only problem your boosters have is a lack of dps potential (making them less appealing than what we already have) but are good concepts.

EVERY idea is taken into consideration by the dev.
We got a boss based on a meme so everything is possible.

You are not that far from that vision.

This is actually a good start.


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