Special effect (space craft customize)

The new CIU icon inspired me to come up with the idea.
You probably also wanted to build a spaceship that looks like an icon. You also wanted to have the EGG logo on your spaceship, which is only possible by MOD. But if Interaction Studios adds this feature to the game, many can make their spaceship look like the CIU icon.

First you have to choose the effect you want (you can even choose not to have an effect).
Effects can be in other forms as well.
PicsArt_۰۱-۲۵-۱۰.۴۷.۳۹ PicsArt_۰۱-۲۵-۱۰.۴۶.۵۶ PicsArt_۰۱-۲۵-۱۰.۴۵.۲۱ PicsArt_۰۱-۲۵-۱۰.۴۴.۰۶
Then adjust your effect size.

Then specify where the effect appears.
Locations on different ships can be like this.







Tip :
:red_circle: = place 1
:green_circle: = place 2
:large_blue_circle: = place 3

Special thanks to @Darth_Skembesion
Thanks for reading this topic.
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Ah, I see. Looks similar to your previous one where you suggested the ability to write texts on them.


Yeah, but there’s a better idea too:

Making game icon just like your flagship spaceship!!

It’s very amazing, and looks to be easy for IA too…

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“Provide as much explanation for your idea as you can”

I would like to listen how are you going to store that many combinations of every paint variant in .ico file and change it dynamically.


I don’t know much about that, dude …
Just thought that IA can do that
Maybe possible, and maybe not. Just idea :slight_smile:

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Well, icon is just an image. To change it dynamically for your paint job you need to have a picture of that paint job which means for every single combination there will be it’s own picture in 4 different resolutions. This will just be too much for executable and doesn’t worth it, as the thing I wrote only applies to Windows. For Android, Linux, iOs all stuff is different.


Thanks but please remember
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Hmm…they’re not called effects, they more like stickers or accessories.


Is allowed to use chicken invaders logo ?

You mean the CIU logo?

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Yes. I don’t use its logo. I preferred to make one myself

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