Spaceships, Weight, and Rarity questions

So I haven’t been able to figure out some of the finer details about how spaceships work I can’t seem to find this information anywhere else, so I’d really appreciate it if someone could explain these game mechanics to me:

How do you find rare spaceships? I have seen them at a Heroware store, but even after waiting a day I wasn’t able to see the Heroware change its stock. Is there a defined map of where to find the highest rarity of a specific ship? Or is the restock time on the Heroware stores something longer than a day?

Why is spaceship rarity important? The only thing I have seen spaceship rarity impact is the weight of the spaceship, rather than any other measurable standard.

Why is spaceship weight important? My intuition is that more weight decreases the maximum move speed of the ship during the invasions rather than the travel on the map, but I have no proof for this. Does it decrease the travel time as well? Further, is there a way to upgrade your ship’s maximum movement speed while fighting chickens? Or is weight the only factor?

To what factor does fighting near a supermassive object affect your weight, I am only tier 50-something so the only time I have ever been able to move my mouse faster than my ship is when I am near a supermassive object, will this always be the case? Or will the heaviest of ships not be able to keep up even when outside supermassive environments?

This seems like a lot of info, and I couldn’t find any of this anywhere on a wiki someplace. Once we get these answers, where can we put them so that this is accessible to the player base at large?

Thanks guys!


Rare spacecraft can be found in Heroware stores. Each item has 9 locations with uncommon rarity, 3 with rare and only one with legendary rarity. The locations get changed every 4 weeks. People tend to post these on this forum thread: Legendary tracking topic

The weight stat has no effect at all, ignore it. What rarity does affect (on spacecraft) is their hitbox size and speed. Each :gem: makes the ship move 30 px per second faster and have a 1 px smaller hitbox radius (on 960x540).

Movement speed can be also improved with a better engine item (since v100) and with maneuvering jets, which are mountable items that get used up after a single mission.

Massive environments make the ships slower. H&Cs and Mullers will get a speed limit of at least 800 px instead of being able to move instantly, and bombers get slowed down by 15%.

There’s a certain wiki everyone keeps forgetting about that no one is bothering to improve.


The spacecraft’s Weight is important in some environments like sun or huge plants
Where they effect the spacecraft speed during mission
Let’s say you have a high Weight spacecraft like px if you moved your mouse in the mission so fast from point A to point B the spacecraft would need more time to travel from a to b

But in traveling between planets it wouldn’t effect it

Engine now can improve your spacecraft speed during missions in 100v
And your travel speed

If you want to speed your heavy ship you can buy Maneuvering Jets

The speed of the spacecraft depends of three thing
Massive environments (example: sun)
The spacecraft’s total Weight (px family is the heavier in weight)
The engine equipped ( the rarity and lvl and type of engine)

You can find rarity items in shady dealers or shop like herowave
The locations changes every 4 weeks

There are three rarities uncommon, rare and legendary where they improve the ship hitbox , speed in missions and more

I hope that answer all of your questions if you have more questions feel free to ask

You can press solved in forums if someone fixed your issue or helped you by there reply

Have a grat day recruiter

Weight doesn’t do anything. The stat is there just for show I guess. The speed depends on which ship you have, which rarity it is, whether it’s in massive environment, which engine you have and whether or not you’re using maneuvering jets.

Weight stats have purpose if you like calculating large numbers lol

What is there to calculate?

Weight doesn’t effect the gameplay but it’s like an example you can realize from it that px are heavier than other spacecrafts or this engine-reactor will increase the slowness of the ship

If the numbers had any actual basis in reality, then maybe. They’re almost completely arbitrary, and currently don’t even show the effect that engines have on speed (not sure where you got that from).

I didn’t say it would effect the weight it just effect the spacecraft speed in missions and traveling

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