Spaceship taxi

so i thought we can have a taxi for players to go anywhere.first the taxi is big and ship can be fit there and these taxis are in each star systems these taxis will use fuel from gus s gas station so after each travel will fill up it tank but its not free you can travel to short and long destintion for short way:non chl players :30keys,chl owners:10keys and for long way :non chl owners:100keys chl owners:50 keys you may think so we cant use to travel by ourself and buy fuel from store but these taxis have time for working and its only 5 hours in saturday,monday,wednsday,and friday and other days 7 hours and then you cant use to travel with taxi but if you want give 40 keys to use taxi the taxis are very fast .you can arrive in short ways for 3 secs and long ways 8 secs i hope you like it

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Wormholes are better taxis.


this is the kind of suggestion from someone who ran out of fuel and keys but still want to explore the other star systems. dude just save up.


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