Spaceship Customizations: All Chicken Invaders models

I am so excited that Chicken Invaders Universe will come out but I have some ideas that will make it even more nostalgic and more fun. Spaceship All Chicken Invaders models, What do I mean by that? I mean that all the Spaceship models from CI1 , CI2, CI3, CI4 And CI5. Also with the fire that it makes you fly with the color and the thickness and height. Also if I choose one of the models from the Spaceship it should also add the thing protector, when you die and it makes a circle to protect you just to get ready if you know what I mean. I think it will bring so much memories if they added that. I recommend the Key requirements is to have at least 50 keys or less, by just collecting golden key that you find in Chicken by they glow yellow stuff life this, I have a lot of ideas so I will post like daily until its out. I hope it will make the game even more famous and fun to play and also nostalgic. Good luck with your coding. I am pretty sure that it will be a lot of codes and effort do it but yeah. Good luck xD
Hopefully I explained correctly and you successfully understand it

This is an example of what I meant.


I believe that moſt of what you juſt deſcribed was already planned, although I may have miſunderſtood it.


Pictures of my ideas:

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