SPACECRAFT'S WEAPON SWITCHER (Active weapon switching) - Major idea

So, why did I create this idea? I have seen that the weapon switching mechanism by collecting gift has some disadvantages. Firstly, this mechanism is quite passive and may make us harder to manage in some situations. You may collect unsuitable weapons for some types of wave, and several accidental cases may cause you to lose pecking order points. Secondly, it will put a burden on players who want to farm points. So I think that there should be an improvement or even replacement to the current mechanism.


Spacecraft’s weapon switcher is a mechanism which allow you to swap weapon actively by using number key (1-5). In the lower right corner of the screen, you can see the interface of swappable weapons. The number of weapons slot depends on the type of spacecraft, its family…

Each weapon will be indicated by its symbol and number. The white circle shows the weapon being used.


The number of slots is different for each spacecraft.

BX-7 Weapon slots

BX-9 Weapon slots

M408 Weapon slots

Here is the number of slots for each spacecraft:

H&C 101 Hatchling:2 (Least)

H&C 201 Pullet:2 (Least)

H&C 301 Cockerel:3

BX-7 Excalibur:3

BX-8 Ukonvasara:4

BX-9 Mjölnir:4

VF-56 Starling:3

VF-66 Jackdaw:3

VF-76 Raven:2 (Least)

M400 Caterer:3

M404-PI Deliverer:4

M408 Cuisinier:5 (Most)

H&C 101’s slots

M400’s slots


I have three selections

  1. Active equipping
    Completely remove falling gifts, which mean enemy will only drop firepower. You can equip your weapons in all slots of the spacecraft in the Load out option. Also increase the possibility of dropping firepower.

    bandicam 2022-03-27 18-35-47-002

  2. Gift-picking equipping (Passive equipping)
    Collected gift (weapon) will be put on your weapon slots, but you won’t be able to equip multiple weapons. You can only equip ONE weapon as the MAIN weapons, and you have to collect the gift to fill the weapon slots.

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  3. Pre-equipping and passive swapping
    Combination of option 1 and 2. You can equip multiple weapons in the Load out option, and your weapon can be changed ( If equipped weapon is full of slots) or filled in the empty slot.

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Which selection do you prefer?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

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So there are 2 ways:

  1. Replacing
    When a gift is collected, the weapon of that gift will replace the weapon YOU ARE USING (In the white round).

  2. Sequential
    Weapons in the slots will change in order when picking up gifts, like the name. New collected weapon will replace in the slots and be assigned the number 1. The weapon which was being used before new ones collected will be converted to the number 2, the next weapon will have their number increased by 1, and the last weapon ( which have highest number) will be removed. This mechanism doesn’t depend on the weapon you’re using.

Which way do you prefer?

  • Replacing
  • Sequential

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So, my idea will end here. Hope @InterAction_studios will read and consider this idea. Thanks for reading.


wao, big idea
this kidda epic idea


What happens when you select an empty slot? Simply not being able to fire?

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Uhm, the empty slots has no assigned number, so you won’t be able to choose it!

excellent idea,now add this into CIU

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The heating process of the weapon in the heat bar will not decrease to 0 if you change your weapon.

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So how can we change weapon while playing mission?


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Number key…

Hmmm, there should be a cooldown between swtiching weapons. I say a 1 second cool down.

However, spamming this too much in a short time will make it into 3 seconds then 5 seconds.


Personally, I think the weapon slots should be equippable on loadout, but is replaced by the weapon you pick up in the active slot. I’d feel that’d be more intuitive

I disagree. Weapon switching will most likely be done as a split second reaction, and a cooldown of one second can get your ship boomed in the meantime


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Just forget about him. Contact with him just make this place more chaotic.

I mean
If we have 3 weapon as same as time during a mission. So how can we change from using a weapon to another

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Do you mean 3 slots is the same weapon?

wouldnt this be used as a single spacecraft family feature

besides that it would be better to just have one key for switching between slots


Yes, is it

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