Spacecrafts suggestion: More models and Voice chat add-on

I think developers should add 2 or 3 more models of spacecrafts instead of keep their original models and only change the stats of each one.
P/S: If they can, I recommend the developers to add Spacecrafts types. For example:
Type 1: At least 3 powers are keep when respawn.
Type 2: Extra life bonus +1.
Type 3: Special weapons +1.
Type 4: Increase 20% score of each wave, damage decrease 20%.
Type 5: Increase 20% damage of each wave, score decrease 20%.
+Add Voice chat


That’s unnecessary. Such buffs would work better as hardpoints/mountables/perishables.

Oh, and voice chat… yeah, no.


So… yes or no? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Take a wild guess.


Neither. He means “[inſert your favourite 4-letter word here] no”.

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Op since you can farm weekly challenges easy

He put no in bold, so no.

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