🚀 Spacecraft Showcase 2122

bro its totally 2022!!!
jokes aside this is interesting

New trailer or smth ?

It’s 2122, CIU is one century in future!!!
@InterAction_studios I need the double heroes’ special.

I guess they do, since they give you keys, and keys are awarded from UHF.
So, how do Space burgers source their keys from?

Can I borrow your chicken fried?

Yeah, sure.

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Wow nice video


No, it does not. However, as a recruit you are bound by the UHF code of conduct and all associated rules or restrictions. So if the UHF says you can’t eat there, then you can’t eat there.


In related news, it turns out that there are currently almost 5K qualifying spacecraft, which means it’s going to be problematic to show every single one. I might need to add a filter based on tier and/or playtime.


The shop items can be paid in keys, shady dealer (not part of human race) pays in keys. Chicken drops keys. Obviously it is the galactic currency

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I remember iA saying that keys were invented by UHF to award recruits for their performance, along with medals and score.

So they just accepted keys as a payment method. Chicken stole keys to get the items.

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Can you do multiple screenshot of all spacecraft?

Interesting…but exam are coming near…

There’s my entry (I don’t like to have too many lights, so it looks kinda basic heh)

I’m supposing your spacecrafts have to be 100% unique, guess i’ll pull out my guitar hero ship omce again (Actually gonna keep it forever if it appears in the trailer though lol.)


Not necessarily. If you look at last year’s showcase, there are a few ships that barely differ from their default looks – there’s even one that sticks right out in the top left corner!
The only requirement that actually requires effort will be your personnel tier/flight time. I do hope that the tier requirement will be at least 70 since I’ve just reached that tier not too long ago. I can’t recall for how long have I been fighting against the Henpire though, I’ll edit this post once I get home to my pc.

He could, but he most likely prefers only one

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Understandable, have a great time

“Time to metal the feathers 'outta these chickens.”


This is my main spacecraft, hopefully IA adds it to the Spacecraft Showcase 2122.