Spacecraft Idea

So, here’s another idea of mine. A new spaceship thats based on a F-21 military aircraft.
-Manufacturer: Himmelslords Co. (Sky Lords Co.)
-Model: B-201 (Becker/Belco)
-Role: Prototype aircraft (repurposed)
-Hardpoints: 7
-Satellites: 4
-Features: -B-201: A better Heat sink (Upgrades equipped heat sink by 1)
-B-301: A rapid fire mode included (attack speed increased by 20%)
-B-401: Decreases enemy projectile speed (By 25%)

Here’s a picture of an actual F-21 to give you an idea of what am I talking about

Please tell me what you think. I would love to see your opinions :slight_smile:


Rapid fire, how it works?
Speed increase, what speed? How much?

Millenium Hatchling, maybe? ( Hen Solo’s spacecraft in CI4)
If @InterAction_studios add this, cool

Rapid fire would increase attack speed by 15%
The Speed increase thingy increases the ship’s movement speed

Like an secret item, one day, maybe

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But ships(except for the bombers) already travel as quickly as you can move your mouse around. How would this speed increase do anything?

Maybe it would slow down the movement of enemies and their projectiles and adjust the in game timer accordingly, Think of it as the pilot viewing things in slow motion like the DC superhero, the Flash.


Yeah like that. I like your thinking :slight_smile:

Honestly I didn’t know that. Thanks for pointing that one out. Hold on

Ok fixed. Thanks for pointing that one out. I like your idea very much :slight_smile:

Every ship in CIU is a one shot kill, if you get hit you lose a life. The only way to survive projectiles is to dodge them, you can’t withstand even a single hot without dying. Are you suggesting that this ship has armor?

What do you expect? Hp bar? This is space shooter after all, yeah there’s space shooters with hp bar like Phalanx, but ‘‘life’’ system is mechanic which lives in the genre.

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I was only pointing stuff out to alexander, so that he’d remove that mistake. Enemy shots in CIU always destroy your ship unless you’re using a phase out. And yes I know and expected that.

I think he’s saying this because
“-B-401: Decreases enemy projectile speed and damage (By 25%)

Oops, looks like I was typing and wasn’t paying attention

I knew that, I was not paying attention when I was typing, sorry

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Look, I’m sorry for not paying attention to what I was typing

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