Spacecraft boost idea

My idea is a special weapon : " Spacecraft boost " ( @InterAction_studios can change this name if you add this ) .
How it work ?

(Sorry because bad icon draw)
It will speed up your spacecraft to pass a wave. When boosting ,if it hit something (example: chicken) , that thing will be destroy , but your spacecraft will not .
What do you think about it , @InterAction_studios ?


It ſeems ſomewhat overpowered.

overpower ?

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it is a super weapon


Yes, but it’s poſſible for ſuperweapons to be overpowered. Imagine, for example, a ſuperweapon that killed all enemies in the next ten waves and made all powerups and gifts appear in front of your ſpaceſhip for eaſy conſumption.

maybe , but it only destroy the thing block it way

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It alſo allows you to skip a wave.

you can use it to skip a wave if you stuck in that wave

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…and that’s why it’s overpowered.

but mine and missile can be use to skip a wave too


  1. They only destroy stuff that is on-screen.
  2. Some enemies are resistant to splash damage,which means that they’re resistant to missiles,too,and can’t take more than a certain amount of damage from them(like barriers. They can only take 500 damage from them). So missiles won’t be able to kill any enemies that have this limit,unless you spam lots of them.
  3. Missiles definitely can’t skip boss waves,while your idea can.(or at least you didn’t say it can’t)
    All of this applies to mines,too.
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You coukl just fill all of your slots with that and you would be able to skip everything, except for 10 waves in the Weekly Challenge. Totally not overpowered.


why ?

Filling all slots with this would give you 90 uses and the Weekly Challenge has 100 waves.

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you can use it when you stuck in a wave

And that’s overpowered.

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so, it overpowered

This superweapon only kills an enemy if you hit it.

Meaning that it will skip a wave.

It reminded me of that.

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