Space Race questions

Just some questions about Space Race:

  • What is the penalty for using special weapons?
  • What is the default difficulty level? Or is it variable?
  • Is there any benefit to mounting difficulties in a Space Race? Score multipliers wouldn’t really matter, I would think.


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If Space Race allow mounting skills, then people would mount Tourist and make Space Race even easier than normal

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30 seconds per use ( Yes, it took me about 200 keys and 1 surrender for my mistake trying to testing)

Because the results doesn’t increase or decrease I can confirm that’s Rookie.

Because it’s Rookie skill, people can use Tourist and go even faster, maybe less than 10 minutes, just like @anon48763505’s reply.

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It adds 30 seconds if you use any special weapon at all.

It forces you to play on Rookie.

You can’t mount difficulties in space race.


30 seconds, but Damage Amplifier penalty is 10 seconds.

1-6 Tourist
7-12 Rookie
13-18 Intermediate
19-24 Hard
25-30 Very Hard

Unlike daily challenges, no one is allowed to change the difficulty for Space Race.


I think you’re confuſing difficulties and skills.


Maybe, but they are once for me. :sweat_smile:

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The difficulty just goes from 0 on wave 1 to 100 on wave 30


Also which Satellites and Spacecrafts should be used?

Muller 404 with 4 bird-flu guns is recommended.


Why 404? And I’m guessing the weapon would be utensil poker, should I use bullet spray on it?

because it has smaller hitbox, also, about the weapon, it’s your choice. you can use bullet spray whenever you want.


So what is the best weapon type in your opinion?

Neutron gun, or if you would want to choose, plasma rifle or laser cannon, any of these.

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Sometimes I can’t get all of my satellites after crashing into the boss and clicking “end session”, is there a way to fix that?

what do you mean by you can’t?

When the career medals are awarded and couldn’t collect all of them.

“a way to fix that?”
just collect them fast enough


You have collected everything that has dropped. if you do not want them to disappear, just collect the satellites first then the items that drop.

So when facing a boss like the yolk star or chicken exponentiality how does it work with crashing?