Space race problems and how it can be fixed

so as a CI speedrunner,there is alot of problems with space race that i think it will be more fun if it got changed,one of the major problems is with the preshiables it is basically over powered people use it alot i mean there isn’t a problem with spending keys on stuff but it got to a certain point where i can consider it even more over powered and unbalanced as mass condenser was. especially jets and expander because the meta is basically just use BX 9 and have a positron and with these perishables making these two balanced items basically broken and abused just like special weapons,unlike these tho there isn’t any penalty of using perishables,so basically my suggestion is to make it so banned just like mass condenser. There is also another problem with the timer basically if your game is laggy the timer will be longer than it supposed to be and the opposite is the same like i shouldn’t have to make my game look worst just because to get more stable frame rate just to make my timer 2 seconds shorter and that is all i have to say thanks for listening.

woah a text wall with no breaks

some people have suggested ways to make Space Race more fair, but to no avail

i believe iA also said they didn’t want to go down a path where we start banning every perishable and/or whatnot, but i don’t remember the reasons for that choice

I didn’t say banned all of them i said banned the most broken two jets and expander

i didn’t mean literally every perishable

its just a very broad term

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