Space Police idea

Hello again, i have a new idea about the space police or cop…

In every solar system there will be 1 or 2 of the cops and they will move around the whole solar system to find any player that doesn’t like the space rules (or UHF rules).

Basically if the player left any planet or got caught with a space trader (idk his name) and the cop moved to his place he will warn him, for example if the player got 3 warns he must Pay to free himself (with keys) or He will be stopped at some mins without playing any mission or moving to another planet.


Shady Dealer, an UFO alien with its violet light under it.

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xd what if we dont have money then we ll stuck

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Shady dealers are already very rare and so I don’t agree.
Secondaly , I think it will make rip fps and require Heavy pc

you should make an option to turn on your strobes outside of missions and then if the police catch you them they could do something:)

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