Space Janitors

In Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck Of The Dark Side, we have heard about “Space Janitor” after we beat Henterpise at Chapter 1. Why not let them in CIU too?
For me, space janitors will have a point that is same as Shady Dealers (Orbiting Planets (They will orbit Space Burgers, Herowares, Aftermarkets, etc more often), travel around the galaxy.

  • A Space Janitor will have 1-5 quests for you to pick with a meduim-hard difficulity. Just click the quests that SJ has, then click “Accept quest” (NOTE: Quests will be Expired in 36 hours once you accepted, you can only have 4 quests per day. For CHL users they will get 16 more)
    When you finished the quest: you will get 150-180 keys depends on what diff you play and from the SJ quest you found.

There will be 750 Janitors around the galaxy.

How’s the idea, bros? :slight_smile:


Sounds like a big work to iA but the idea is very good and help beginners to gain alot of keys and xp, it’ll make the game more enjoyable to some people


there should be 10000 janitors instead

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1200 janitors would be better, i think

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2000 janitors ? better ?

Think so

Nah bruh double it and give it to the next person

or 5000

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Well considering the spawn rate of Shady Dealers, there are only 50 of them in the entire galaxy. I think 750 is reasonable. Or even fewer.

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