Space dragon from another universe

At the start of boss fight worm hole will open and chicken riding a robotic dragon will come in his first attack will be tracking player and trying to close his jaw on spacecraft then he will suck in all space trash and chickens (but he will suck them from all across the map so u need to dodge when he is sucking in and spitting out) last attack (for now) will be him spitting fire and on place where fire land he’l be leaving overheating zones thats it for now im gonna update him


The boss’ design looks fire.


Thank you

I misread this as


To be honest, it is a very good concept and design to make as 6th CiU Exclusive Boss


I got this idea while showering design was pre drawn on paper first

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This looks very interesting bro, but do you have any ideas about the attack patterns or more details?

For Example…
How can we beat this guy? Can we destroy his horns to beat him?

What about another attack… (Laser Attak) the boss can shoot Lasers from his red eyes


He can use his horns to throw green poison at the player…

That’s it lol

Im gonna make update about it i need to think about patterns size compared to player etc…

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Looks epic lol

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If @ScarletCuboids made mod about this boss

P.S no offence its just a joke


Trauma of modding :fear:

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I like this boss. I think it should appear in the next version.

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make oshi no ko version, i dare you

Oh i will

I made update for a boss adding 2 new attacks and ways to beat him

First attack shall be firing green bullets like chickenauts at random positins almost like terror from the deep in CI5 his horns will activate in firing depending on difficulty if difficulty is rookie only one or two will activate when horn destroyed after 25% health he will throw few poison fields at random positions after destroying 3 horns u will need to destroy last horn on his head that will kill him and the second attack is laser from his eye forming knuckle that is going up and down but be careful his knuckle is slower than rest of laser so it is like crane ball tracking player so thats it tell me ur opinions in reply :)))

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