Space cops

I have a very dumb idea
What if iA add space cops where if you go too fast (could also make where you can go any speed you like), the cops will chase you until you stopped at your destination (you can not outrun him)
When the cop catches you, he will fine you and lose keys (not all keys)
You can find him anywhere in the universe (not just one)
Pretty much like in ci2


So don’t upgrade warp drive and warp boost too high.


if I had to put the policemen it would be where we buy something from the dealers, but what punishment would he face, I think about it all the time.


He could be anywhere

I was thinking more about the calculus of the probability of arresting someone who buys something from him, e.g. 20-30%, than about placing them in solar systems.

I think he would try to avoid the police if he spotted one, so if the police were near your location then the dealer won’t be around here

probably yes, but let’s note that there are few dealers in the game and if he were to run from the police, it would probably be a miracle to encounter them

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because you upgraded your warp boost too much, now you’re going to randomly lose even more keys alongside with fuel costs

yeah, that sure sounds fair


This could be a problem for people who had Warp boosts maximized. Maybe I have a solution.

Let’s make several cops ships scattered around the galaxy. And make them have a visible encircled range coloured in red. If you travel outside their range. You’re good. Otherwise a punishment is a punishment.

Yeah I know it’s not like the idea is getting approved. Yet it’s better to leave it balanced and fair.

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Yep that’s a good idea
Assuming that you’re going off road but the police blocking your way, to prevent from getting fined and another option is to go on road
They are most commonly scattered far away from the planets

We are too fast, the police have equipment from 100 years ago, this is 2122. Technology has advanced.

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So as the police

What about taking totally reversed approach to that?

Upgrading your speed lowers the chance of getting caught by police. Would give some importance to that piece of equipment.


Do you like Space cops?

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Shady dealer: *Visible anxiety*


Imagine you’re traveling and hear NFS MW 2005 chase music lol
But yeah the idea is good


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