Space burger?

do different space burger restaurants have different prices for food when you pay it?

Yes, they aren’t all the same.

Another thing is that when you see a Droid Raid at the map play its missions.

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What @SA-GoldenBoss128 said.
Also you can know the difference of the prices by buying a price insight. Red Arrows mean lower prices and Blue Arrows mean higher prices.


And by turning it on in Galaxy Information Overlay (the button with :information_source: icon)


guys I just discovered a wormhole but I cannot travel through it why is that? do I need to locate a second one in order to travel among them?

You need to buy Event Horizon Stabilizer in order to orbit them and play their missions.

I did buy it when I reached there I got hundred keys for discovering it but there is an option to travel through it It doesn’t work maybe I think I have to find another wormhole? is there an easy way to find a wormhole? I have to keep looking for hours and hours to locate one

also I have another question that which is better? buying a new ship so it could occupy two satellites? or buying a slot for a satellite?

Oh wait I misread, yeah you have to discover another one in order to travel through it to go to another place of the universe.

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Buying a new ship so it could have 2 satellites.

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also Droid missions are not that valuable in terms of gaining food lol

Actually, technically speaking, they are. I played a lot of them and this way you could get many food.

I like the ICBM satellite its good yes? I’m thinking about buying a second one

Yes, it is good. It even got the ability to destroy feathers this update.

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then it would be really useful against feather brain (the boss)

Yes, it is.

do you guys normally sell your old equipment to whenever you buy a new one? like a new ship you sell the old one? like when you buy a new engine or a reactor you sell the old one?

Yes, i do. It’s the best way to get new one.

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You have to buy Event Horizon Stabilizer and Gravity Nullifier

only if it could reach there in time lol