Space Burger only lets you cash in all, why not have a choice

Space Burger is a place where prices vary from one to another. I would like to have an option of how much food I wish to cash in, not an all or nothing deal. If you can get better value at one place then you can still have some to cash in and budget fuel to get there. The scale can be based on cashing 10, 20, 50, (scale to be by a fair agreement of the forum), But it gives the pilot a way to save keys and explore



finally someone suggests incremental food sales

i thought that they were fixed

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Added to v.107 :medal_sports: Idea


Thank-you iA for using this idea. I am certain that my fellow pilots will be able to be more effective in their ability to fight these annoying chickens. Be well all…


Thank-you for your support. I believe this change will help our fellow pilots with their ability to budget. A way to combat these annoying chickens more efficiently. For me it changes my battle plans because I can now control my keys and spend them on what I need when I need to. Be well all…


Prices vary at all places I have explored. Gas, Aftermarket, etc. are not always the same. the highest prices are at the main shopping. They are less expensive at markets, but these markets vary in price. Keep an eye out for Shady Dealers, they are the least expensive but may not have what you need. Also they all carry different products from one to another. Be well all…


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