Soundtracks (music)

i guess it will be fine and nice if they make a choices in the setting to let ppl choose their best soundtrack from the the chicken invader chain if they wanna hear the music of ciu or the music of ci5 in ciu game

That’s been brought up a few times (moſtly halfway down looong feeds), and from what I remember the reſponse was eſſentially “That’d be very nice, but there’s file ſize to conſider.” I never worked out the importance of that in an online game, but I truſt iA.

Every CI game has its own soundtrack. Probably in this episode of the game we will be able to change only the background as CI5.

I don’t know many games that do this, like at all, but they could add a feature where you could use your own files to use in the game. Of course that wouldn’t work on mobile, but it would be a nice thing for PC users.

Actually, there are some mobile games which access the user’s music. A while back one of my classmates found one so we tried it out (sort of a crappy audiosurf ripoff iirc). Didn’t really work for me (kept crashing because it couldn’t handle loading non-mp3 files) though. But custom music on mobile is definitely possible. The iOS versions of GTA San Andreas and Vice City can do that as well.

Though I’m not really sure if that’s such a good idea.

Yeah, I feel like if you give people the opportunity to ruin a wonderful game with crappy muſic, they will do it. But on the other hand, they’d only be ruïning it for themſelves.

Yeah,if they use crappy music.