Sound for comets

Hello, Ithrough comets should have a small sound like sssss. and bigger comets should have deeper voice. Cause when music ends in comet chase its eternal silence until song starts again


Great idea! Also supernova should have ambient sounds as well, and screen shaking would be neat.


I found some sound effects to your idea + i little modofied witch audacity. I dont know you think this or similar sounds + i hope IA finally some use my things XD.

these sounds like russian kids blowing to their microphone when they died in cs go. I would expect something would fit with comet chase music. Like “fffsss”…

then show an example

Comet sounds in real life

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Although I’m always a little wary about “ſound” recorded in ſpace, given that there iſn’t an obviöus way to obtain ſuch a recording.

Because sounds are pratically air particles that moves in a specific way for each sound.
And there isn’t any atmosphere in space…
(I think that they used Radio telescopes to record these sounds)

chickens flys in air and when you shoot at them/or kill them they are making noise and you can hear them. There isnt any logic in that game. The problem is game turns really quiet when song ends and before starts again


Jet sesi - YouTube a sound like that but needs some edit with making it a bit quiet and compataible with games sounds. Didnt managed to find what I am looking for

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How about a bit edited version of sound from CI3 comet chase cutscene? Make it more smooth and it will sound good.

Meteor Shower!! PANIC!! {Don't Starve Together} With Friends! - YouTube set timer to 2:20. Thats the how voice should be. No crashing sound. A bit deeper and not that loud. Bigger ones will have deeper sounds…

In which caſe they are recordings of radio waves repreſented as ſound.

We need ambient sounds for almost all the things in CIU, because what about those who like to play without the music? It’s pure quiet for them, except chicken dying sounds and stuff…


I’d gueſs that many of thoſe would prefer to cut down on background noiſe in general.

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Um no? Maybe someone wants to play with sounds but not the music.

The UFO and beam animation sounds are annoying,but there you go,ambience.

well, I love these sounds. I hate how some games doesnt have ambiance. Its like drawing some sketches to paper and playing it.

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Yes and since we already got lots of ambience sounds from some enemies, it shouldn’t be too hard to some more in the background.

Hello, does anyone want some FILTERED SINE WAVES?

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