Sort multiplayer rooms by latency

This is probably a very lame suggestion but it will matter to many people.
It’d be great if there was a way to sort multiplayer rooms by their latency instead of clicking on each room and comparing everyone, noting out that the latency can also change so this is a pain in the neck.

Thanks for your time <3


There’s no point in such a feature to be added in-game.

Also, it’d be impossible to apply since latency constantly (and, frequently, in a significant way) changes, unless you want to keep updating the multiplayer log with your sorting feature repeatedly.

Yeah, that was my point, I wanted the latency for my last refresh, just like the other sorting options, and how is it pointless? it’s so painful to play a game literally hosted on mars, so this way it’ll be easier to find the smoothest game for you to enjoy.


or it could probably just tell which country the room was hosted

This is not practical. Latency calculations require a proper connection to the host, which means going through the whole dance of punching through NAT firewalls. This is (a) slow (b) generates extra bandwidth (c) abusable when repeatedly refreshing. This is why you can’t see the latency until you’re just about to connect to a specific host.


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