Sorry, i killed my career in CIU

What happend ?
I re-install Windows 10 with Full cleaning.
And only now i remebered about CIU and about data which i destroyed

did you backup them

No, forget. I saved only my personal data (images,documents) but about CIU forget

My tactic: I bought my nickname “RoboCat” few second ago, and start new clear game

Земля пуховиком. F.


If @InterAction_studios can remove my previous account “RoboCat🐾”, but return medals only for bugs and contributions, it will be good. My current account in CIU “RoboCat”

my deepest condolences to you

I’ve restored your account.

Note that it’s an “all-or-nothing” thing – it’s not possible to selectively restore medals.


Wow, thank you very much. I thought this is impossible at the current stage of game development.
I made backup in Cloud Storage this time.

It was just lucky timing because I’m currently debugging lost profiles. Generally, restoring profiles is a pain because I have to take down the server and manually make changes to the database (hoping I don’t mess anything up in the process).


Next time though, remember to always back up your progress when doing anything that causes major change to your operating system like an update or factory reset.


Most of the times you need to do hard reset you can’t get to your data so it’s make you fall in depression

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Oh yeah,and my first account Enderby is still hanging around in the Galaxy.


rip to my second account which i made after the first one was voluntarily taken over a hiatus
the first one is kinda unplayable now as well
i should start a new one

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