"Sometimes travelling wormhole is not perfect"

I have an idea (maybe not bad)
When start travelling wormhole, there’s a chance of going to random wormhole (instead of going to the wormhole you want to go).
Cuz travelling wormhole is not safe, risky.

annoyingly unnecessary


Predict someone will say this is annoying
Just add 2% or lower.

I think the bigger concern here is that this doesn’t really add much extra depth, ease of use, or content to the gameplay; you just go through the same wormhole again and hope it takes you to the right place and if it doesn’t then it’s just wasting time, hence why Ramon said it was annoyingly unnecessary.

If it was a small chance to find some sort of secret that could be optional and fun, more people may be on board with the idea.

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It could be a good detail if the wormhole could suck the droid and Dealer, or they can travel wormhole

Only Dealers should. Droids are not in stars without Space Burger, so they don’t leave the star.

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