Something strange in here

someone in top 10 played only 4 minutes, complete 599 wave and won 1 billion points
i think this is cheat, we should ban him

thanks for reading


oh freak helios found more epik mission to exploit AGAIN

ban IP time

So i heard from @Koharu that this guy has been trying to exploit the heck out of this, even trying to change his callsign so yeah, this guy has to be banned

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yea, moonknight had report for iA

you sure it 00:04:59 and not 04:59:00?

nah its heliass

the one and only, known for exploiting and hiding his identity

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theres a good chance that @Helios got muted on the forum or otherwise theres an argument in this topic

Not yet

But he say that he’s never return

he did return in ciu (this one)
but hes seen 3 hours ago, means that hes still checking the forum regularly

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Don’t put this type of post Lounge.

how to helios cant read this post

by dm iA

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Unless people are just kidding, don’t assume anything until the official investigation is done. When Helios exploits, he get 5 billion points in 4 hours of play time, this one is definitely cheating (599 waves in 299 seconds).

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Well, exploit again :slight_smile:

This is how I do it

then why did you change your callsign to whatever this is
also didn’t you say you wouldn’t return