Something I've noticed

Hi! Recently, I have noticed something:

“The Next Generation” wave is usually chickens in spaceships coming from sides, but sometimes is different; is like a “Military Parade” wave, but with multiple chicken types.

Is this some bug or a glitch, or is it intended to be like this?

I heſitate to ask, but how much CIU have you played?

Well… not a lot, I suppose. I’m not like the most of the players in here.

Well, if you’re ſaying what I think you’re ſaying, i.e. that the chickens in a wave change every time, you’re right- but this is hardly new behavior. The chickens depend on the difficulty.

Somehow I have the feeling you meant ſomething elſe, in which caſe would you explain further?

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I don’t really think there is anything else, it is just that I’m dumb… Anyway. thanks for informing me!

I’ve long held that ſtupidity would be the end of mankind. Even the “geniuſes” among us are complete idiöts. Oh well, there’s bugger all we can do to change that.