Something is missing! + contest! new weapos new satelites

so the game has as my stats say 4 years and 10 months :exploding_head: omg a lot of stuff happend in real life and in universe life!!
what happen in the universe life?
let see:
4 years of early acess, 139 versions :scream: , new enemies, new bosses, new waves, new type of missions, new fleet,new superweapons,competitive challenge as the introduction say

  • Buy, sell, and upgrade your equipment
  • Join squadrons with your fellow UHF recruits
  • Comprehensive leaderboards and rankings
  • Fully customizable fleet of spacecraft
    a lot of stuff amazing!!
    but but but but someting is really missing !
    I mean no new weapons? yes there’s is a joke like moron’s and there is absolver who is not really a joke but is not compatible with all the waves especially speed waves
    and the other thing that is missing a new satellite. with all these new stuff a new satelite is “obligatory”
    so a conclusion?

I propouse a somethnig like a contest…
ideas for new weapos,and new satelites and @InterAction_studios could chose somethnik!

my propuse for a new weapon

the old neutron gun from ci2


when I found that will be a new CI game this was my first wish for the game I’m pretty sure that will fit perfectlly into the game perfect power perfect firerate!

and my propouse for a satellite

Tear Gas the enemies will move very slow for and amount of time!
I mean something like this:

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