Something happened to the game (v.55)

Sept 13th, something happened to the game (v.55.2). When i boot up ciu, it was time to download the new version. So i did. But it wasn’t normal. When i boot up the new ver., it was normal until the cursor showed up. It had like, 4 diff type of cursor (w/ one loading). I shurg it off, thinking that it was a bug that was soon to be fixed. I was dead wrong. The entire menu was f-ed up ( there was strange symbols replacing the text, the ship was glitched and everything was f-ed up basically). Dunno why, dunno how, but i need solutions. ASAP.

Already been reported

Will be fixed on the next version

So…You’re saying i have to wait till v56 then it will be normal again?

Well, you can try restarting the game or reinstall the game

So wait. Does that mean I will wait until verson 56 is out?

That. If it doesn’t work then idk :frowning:

Well I support to wait until 56 is out then

Poor you

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might be fixed on v55.3, but idk

Re-downloaded it, still broken.

Hmm, didn’t happen to me.

well maybe for 32bit bug?



I know how to fix the cursor but I don’t know how to fix the game

It will be like a cursed game

First I am going to graphics then to advanced options then I changed Full screen to Bordless then you see that there will be one cursor

Maybe it’s because of an issue in the game servers

Maybe it is fixed in v.56

It made my eyes burned and I had a stroke looking at those cursed text