Something about The Yolk Star!™


Only for recruits who say The Yolk Star!™ is difficult .

I’m here to suggest one thing
the lasers of The Yolk Star™ should have a health bar
I don’t know if this was suggested


for bothering you and have a good morning/day/noon/afternoon/night/evening


and do share your opinions good or bad

Sorry, but I don’t see the point. The yolk star’s lasers can only be nullified with the ICBMs, the mines, the rockets and the barbequer, and one hit is enough.

but they can’t be completely

I was saying that they could be destroyed by weapons

A charged Absolver Beam can overwhelm the lasers

I’m suggesting that we could completely demolish the lasers one by one

Now I understand. But that would make the fight too easy

I’ve mentioned it before

So, should this feature be on tourist or something?

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It would be fun if you could temporarily disable the beams by dealing enough damage to it with any weapon. Definitely makes it more fun and exciting.


I got a better idea: not all of them should have health bars, just some and their number would be according to the mission difficulty.

only at 25% - 50%

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good idea

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But i have a edit to your Idea
Only the side canons can be destroyed
making it more difficult
on SSH the 3 middle ones are invincible
and on normal only 2 are invincible
so that it can be challenging


Okay, sounds good :wink:

Wouldn’t it be more elegant to just have them knocked out temporarily? Harder the difficulty, more damage to knockout and less stagger time, and vice versa. In my opinion, that would make it more challenging and exciting.


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